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Rei Ki
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Libra-the Scales

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     Libra is the House of Partnership and Marraige.  It goes from September 23-October 22 and symbolizes balance and justice.  Librans are very sociable people.  They are usually at their best in social situations and within personal relationships.  They like their lives to be ordered and serene.  They will go to great lengths to keep the peace. 
     The seventh house governs how you work with others and legal agreements as well as adversaries.  This is where you combine talents with others to reach a goal.
Element: Air
Planet: Venus
Birthstone: Opal
Body Part: Lower back, buttocks, kidneys
Day: Friday
Colors: Blue and Lavender
Animal: snakes and Lizards
Tarot Card: Justice

A Custom Mandala with birthreading is as individual as you are.  Order yours at My Products.

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