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Scorpio-the Scorpion

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     Scorpio begins October 23 and ends November 21.  It is the sign of birth, death and regeneration.  The eighth house is the house of spiritual transformation.  Scorpio is ruled by the planet pluto which sits at the edge of our system and looks back in at all of it.  It is said that a Scorpio begins as a snake, becomes a Scorpion and leaves an eagle. Scorpios tend to be drawn to the mystical and are intuitive healers.  They are patient listeners, and loyal to the ones they choose to associate with.

Element: Water
Planet: Pluto
Birthsone: Topaz
Body Part: the Reproductive System
Day: Tuesday
Colors: Burgandy, Maroon, Deep reds
Animals: Insects and Crustaceans
Tarot Card: Death

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