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dragonfly mandala studio

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These are some Mandalas created for the fun of it!

One World

This Mandala was kind of a daydream.  These are fun to create because I just let myself draw what I see in the paint that I lay onto the paper.  This one reminds me of how small the planet really is in the "grand scheme."   
  It is fun for me to watch other people look at my work.  When I look at them I know what the circle contains, because for the most part I put it there.  Other people discover them each in their own way.  They say that it's like those 3d pictures that change as you look at them.   I'm flattered.

Mandala for Pat

This mandala was created in memory of a woman who was a delight to all who knew her.  She and her family became dear to me in their weekly visits to the restaurant and I made this for her husband.  This reminds me that she is out there watching over the lot of us-and that she'd be rather frustrated with us if we were not having a good time down here!
Dear Prudence
This mandala was created with my best friend in mind.  We each created a mandala.  We then cut each mandala into four pieces and sent two of them to each other.  The mandalas were then combined into mandalas containing two pieces of this mandala and two pieces of hers.

Dragonfly Mandala Studio-Expressing  Your S'elf
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