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This "mandalalog" Shows some of the pieces that I have created for specific individuals, relationships and families. I use images that represent the birthdates involved as well as symbols and words that occur to me during the creation of each piece. While I am spending time with each of these paintings, thoughts and stories occur to me, and each drawing includes a handwritten interpretation of it's "story". Your very own custom piece of artwork includes information from Western, Chinese, Vedic, Mayan, and Native American Astrologies. It includes your Key Tarot Card, Birth Path Number, and Birth Angel as well as information from a number of other sources. It is truly as unique as the individual for whom it is created.
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Jim and Marylyn
Jim and Marylyn mandala.jpg
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Jim and Marylyn 's mandala contains the symbols for their Gemini and Aries. as well as the symbols for their children.  I really love the dreaminess of the images.  I feel like this mandala really captures a great feeling of space.

Dec. 19-Jacqueline
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Jacqueline is a Sagittarius.  I like the way this image appeared to me.  She seems to be moving very rapidly towards her cause.  All decked out and ready to be the champion of the people.
Sagittarians are not known to be timid when it comes to something that they love and believe in.

March 6-Mary's Mandala
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Mary is a pisces with two cancerian sons.  Her husband is represented by the "leo" (nardo) in the upper right hand region of the piece.  Mary's mandala speaks to me in the rythym of the moon, which is also the tarot card which symbolizes Pisces. 
The moon rules the tides and our emotional well being is tied to it's cyclical nature.  As the fishes of Pisces are bound to one another, the decisions on one hand directly affect the outcome of the other. 

March 31-Rick's Mandala
Rick Mason Mandala.jpg
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Rick is an Aries.  His Chinese symbol for Tiger is in the lower left hand corner.  The symbols for Aries and it's ruling planet Mars are on the right.  The 3 of his 31 is the symbol for "OM" and In the center is the "O" for The Univ. of OREGON!  

February 20-Linda's Mandala
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Linda is a Pisces.  She told me that her favorite colors were purple and red.  These are very powerful and in-charge colors and she is a very dynamic presence.  It seems she always has many "irons in the fire" and in a true Pisces fashion one of the fish is tugging at her one way, while the other one wants to go the opposite!

March 3 - Christian's Mandala
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     I like to refer to this as the "trinity" mandala.  It was comissioned by his girlfriend for his bday, 03-03-03.  His name is Christian and he is a pisces and so there are the fishes!                                                            This image really feels like stained glass to me.  Perhaps I was influenced by the obvious symbolism, this piece became kaleidoscopic.


La Galle-La Ruffa Mandala

The La-Galle/La Ruffa Mandala was created for a couple who collect Mexican terra cotta pieces.  The colors were influenced by the bright hues that are characteristic of this type of artwork.  I have never met these people, however She and I are both Capricorns, her husband and my best friend are both Scorpios, their daughter is a Leo like my boyfriend and is named Gina-like my best friend.  We both have Aquarian sons!!!

You can order your very own mandala.  Custom pieces are available by commision.  See products page for ordering specifics.

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